Adoni is one the major cities and municipalities in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. The city of Adoni is a commercial trading centre and the seat of a mandal. It is an ancient city which has mentions in Ramayana.  Vijayanagar dynasty ruled parts of Andhra Pradesh in the 15th Century and Adoni was the capital city of this empire. The fort built during this era is infact a major tourist attraction.  In the past, the city was called Yadavagiri and Adavani.

As per 2011 census, Adoni has a total population of 166,537; out of this the urban region has a population of 184,771. The total male population for Adoni district is 83,794 and female population is 82,743.

Places to See
Adoni Fort is a famous tourist spot in Adoni. It was built during the Vijayanagar era and comprises of 12 sub forts, hence it is also known as Barahqilla. The fort is spread over a vast area and has several passageways. It also has secret tunnels that connect it with the forts in Hampi and Bellary.
Shri Ranamandala Anjaneya Swami Temple is an ancient temple said to have been built at the site where Hanuman appeared hundreds of years ago.  The temple is situated on a hill and one has to climb 500+ steps to reach it. Apart from the main temple there are other temples in the complex built during different time periods of various deities - Santhan Hanuman, Lord Shiva and Nandi, Lord Ganesha, Swayambhu Ganesha, Bhagvathi Goddess, Shri Ram, Lakshmanji and Sita Devi with Hanumanji. The main statue however is of Sri Ranamandala Anjaneya Swami. It is very tall and as a custom devotees offer coins at the back of the statue, which stick to the statue as if pulled by a magnet.
Venugopalaswami temple, Shiva Maruti temple and the Navatheertha Hanuman temple are some other temples close to the Shri Ranamandala Anjaneya Swami Temple. It is said that the Shiva Maruti temple was built at a spot where Shri Hanuman built a Shivlinga and worshipped Lord Shiva.
Mahayogi Lakshmamma Temple is known to bless the town of Adoni. It is dedicated to the Goddess who is fondly called Avva or grandmother.
Mangarayaswami Temple and the temples dedicated to the three Anjaneya installed by Vyasaraja are other must see places in Adoni.
Adoni has also seen many Muslim rulers. Shahi Jamia Masjid is a fine example of Islamic architecture. It was built in 1680 by Madu Qadri. 

How to Reach

By Road
Adoni is well connected by road to the cities and towns in Andhra Pradesh as well as some in the neighbouring state of Karnataka. Daily buses from private operators and state transport bodies APSTRC and KSRTC ply from Adoni to Hyderabad, Kurnool, Bellary, Anantapur, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Bengaluru and Mysore.

By Rail
Adoni has a railway station dating back to the British era. Adoni falls in the Southern Central railways division. It is well connected by train to Chennai, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Tirupati, Yeshwantpur, Guntakal, Bengaluru, Kanyakumari, Solapur, Kolhapur, Nanded, Shirdi and Mumbai.

By Air
For domestic flights, the nearest airports from Adoni are at Bellary and Puttaparthi. The closest international airports are at Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

Adoni is famous for its cotton and textile industry. A type of cotton rug or dhurri is produced in Adoni called Shatranji. Oil, rice, vegetables, gold and granite are other commodities found in Adoni.